Download all Version Xperiafirm tool (Google drive source)

XperiaFirm Tool is a small yet powerful tool that allows you to download Stock firmware for almost any Sony Xperia Smartphone and Tablet. Here on this page, we have managed to share the latest version of the XperiFerm Tool along with the previous release.


Features of XperiaFirm Tool

Small Portable Tool:

XperiFirm comes as a Small Portable application, which doesn’t require you to install it on the computer to use it. Simply, launch the Tool and you are ready to use it.

Download Firmware:

XperiFirm allows you to download Stock Firmware for almost every Sony Xperia device out there, including the latest and the oldest.

Downloading Options:

XperiFirm allows you to change the Download Settings. You can choose the Location where firmware should be downloaded on your computer and also ask where firmware should be downloaded.

Downloading using Proxy:

XperiFirm allows you to use Proxy to download any Xperia Firmware. Simply Enable Proxy under settings, and enter the proxy details and you are ready to download the firmware.

Download Servers:-

XperiFirm v1.0

XperiFirm v2.0

XperiFirm v3.1

XperiFirm v3.5

XperiFirm v3.6

XperiFirm v3.7

XperiFirm v4.4

v4.5.0: XperiFirm_v4.5.0
v4.5.1: XperiFirm_v4.5.1
v4.6.0: XperiFirm_v4.6.0
v4.7.3: XperiFirm_v4.7.3
v4.7.4: XperiFirm_v4.7.4
v4.8.0: XperiFirm_v4.8.0
v4.8.1: XperiFirm_v4.8.1
v4.9.1: XperiFirm_v4.9.1
v5.0.0: XperiFirm_v5.0.0
v5.2.0: XperiFirm_v5.2.0
v5.3.7: XperiFirm_v5.3.7
v5.3.8: XperiFirm_v5.3.8
v5.4.0: XperiFirm_v5.4.0
v5.5.0: XperiFirm_v5.5.0 – Latest

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